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An “astounding book [with] a lively immediacy and a mixture of the personal and public that is very appealing.”

— Dr. Eva T.H. Brann, former Dean, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD., author of The World of the Imagination, Rowman & Littlefield, 1991.


“Harrison Sheppard’s awareness of a spiritual dimension in human discourse brings an extraordinary intensity to his own intellectual journey, and reveals the essential humanity of historical giants who are often beyond the emotional or psychic reach of the average person. Sheppard’s own humanness energizes the mythologically lofty with a charming, down-to-earth realness…A must read!”

–Dr. John K. Simmons, Prof. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Western Illinois U..


“Heroic in its ambition…An excellent introduction to the life of the mind.”

–Dr. Kevin Starr, State Librarian of California, Author of Inventing the Dream: California Through the Progressive Era, Oxford U. Press, 1985; and The Dream Endures: California Enters the 1940’s, Oxford U. Press, 1997.


” Through imaginative glimpses into the lives, the characters, and the minds of historical figures who have had profound influence on the formation of our culture, Harrison Sheppard takes us on a highly entertaining, richly instructive philosophical tour.”

–Thomas Woodhouse, Esq., Trust Administrator of the Gordon P Getty Family Trust & Trustee of Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, Berkeley, California.


“A true intellectual and moral adventure that is wholly admirable…An impressive testimony to a well examined life.”

–Peter de Swaart, Short Story Writer.


“A colossal undertaking…a rich and varied experience…A fascinating approach I’ve never quite seen before.”

–Faubion Bowers, author of Japanese Theater, Charles E. Tuttle, 1974, and The New Scriabin, St. Martin’s Press, 1973.


VOICES OF LIGHT “would have to have a transforming effect in the life of any reader who opens himself or herself to it…It draws the reader into one’s own stock-taking and search.”

–Dr. Richard S, Freis, Professor of Classics, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi.


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