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American Voices is the third and longest book planned in the Voices of Life series.

Now in process, its publication is anticipated in 2001. American Voices is a series of dramatic fictional dialogues with Americans from colonial times to the present. Americans whose words and acts have helped to form the best of the American heritage, and its declared aspiration, upon the founding of the United States, to securing each individual’s natural rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

(see the planned Table of Contents below as well as link to sample chapter below)



American Voices

Table of Contents

Author’s Preface


Part One: The Voice of Fathers & Sons

Chapter One: The First American Lawyer: James Otis

Chapter Two: American Lightening: Benjamin Franklin

Chapter Three: American Prophet: Thomas Jefferson

Chapter Four: American Lawgivers: James Wilson, James Madison

Chapter Five: America’s Father: George Washington

Chapter Six: America’s Son: Andrew Jackson


Part Two: The Voice of Preservation

Chapter Seven: Keeper of the Faith: John Adams

Chapter Eight: The Voice of America: Daniel Webster

Chapter Nine (Part I): The Mistaken American: John Calhoun

Chapter Nine (Part II): American in Defeat: Robert E. Lee

Chapter Ten: American Warrior: Ulysses S. Grant

Chapter Eleven: The Great Preserver: Abraham Lincoln


Part Three: The Adventurer’s Voice

Chapter Twelve: American Explorers: Lewis & Clark

Chapter Thirteen: American Sheriffs: Grover Cleveland & Wyatt Earp

Chapter Fourteen: American Champion: Teddy Roosevelt

Chapter Fifteen: American in Europe: Woodrow Wilson

Chapter Sixteen: American Tragic Hero: Charles Lindbergh

Chapter Seventeen: American Without Fear: Franklin D. Roosevelt


Part Four: The Voices of Women

Chapter Seventeen: The First First Lady: Abigail Adams

Chapter Eighteen: The American Nurse: Clara Barton

Chapter Nineteen: The Votegetter: Susan B. Anthony

Chapter Twenty: The Hostess With the Mostest: Perle Mesta

Chapter Twenty-One: Grace Under Pressure: Jacqueline Kennedy


Part Five: Voices of the Flame

Chapter Twenty-Two: American Poet: Walt Whitman

Chapter Twenty-Three: American Capitalist: Henry Ford

Chapter Twenty-Four: American Socialist: Norman Thomas

Chapter Twenty-Five: American Liberal: Eleanor Roosevelt

Chapter Twenty-Six: American Conservative: Ayn Rand

Chapter Twenty-Seven: American Constitutionalist: George Anastaplo

Chapter Twenty-Eight: American Critics: William F. Buckley & Gore Vidal


Part Six: American Presidents

Chapter Twenty-Nine: JFK: The Voice of the 20th Century

Chapter Thirty: Jimmy Carter: The Voice of the South

Chapter Thirty-One: Ronald Reagan: The Communicator


Part Seven: Voice of The American Dream

Chapter Thirty-Two: American Dreamer: Martin Luther King

Chapter Thirty-Three: American Mystic: Ken Wilber


Epilogue to the Dialogues


If you would like to be notified when the publication date for American Voices is announced, e-mail the author by clicking here. Please include “American Voices” in the subject heading of your e-mail.

You will receive an e-mail once publication is announced, informing you of the date, along with an electronic order form for your convenience. The retail price of American Voices will be $29.95 USD. There will be a 10% discount for internet customers.

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