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Harrison Sheppard Law & Conflict Resolution offers legal counseling, representation, and public relations consulting services. Its major clients include small to medium sized businesses, major private trusts and individuals and businesses associated with the fine and commercial arts. The practice emphasizes negotiation, conciliation, and mediation as alternatives to litigated dispute resolution, and offers public relations consulting to help increase client audiences and markets. Technical areas of emphasis are contract negotiation, business and insurance law, non-profit organizations, government regulation, and copyright and trademark issues. Present clients include Jock McDonald Film, Inc.; Broadway Video of Northern California; Getty Family Trust and Into Video. Follow the links on the left to some of Harrison’s published views on the true spirit of the law and related matters. Also included are two video clips from television appearances Harrison has made. In order to view these, you will need Apple’s Quicktime 4, or a comparable media application. Each video clip is approx. 6.5MB and takes approx 12 minutes to download with a 56K/V.90 modem, and due to this, will appear in a new window so you may continue browsing during this process.

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