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Harrison Sheppard is the founding principal, and was General Partner, of Sheppard Artists’ Representative, Ltd. (SAR), an international visual arts agency from 1989-1994. SAR represented and produced exhibitions of distinguished artists including Jock McDonald, Ken Miller, Mikhail Lehmkin, Brad Cole, Ralph Lieberman, and painter Chongbin Zheng.

In cooperation with the Governor and Minister of Culture of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and the U.S. and Canadian Consuls -General, SAR produced One Vision, Two Perspectives: The Photography of Jock McDonald, in Guadalajara, Mexico, (1994). It also produced Afghanistan, Soviet Vietnam, Photographs of Vlad Tamarov, San Francisco, 1992; Positive Negatives: Photoportraits of Courageous Russian and American Public Figures by Jock McDonald and Mikhail Lehmkin, in Santa Fe, NM, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia, and Kiev, Ukraine, 1990-91; and Humanism in the Arts: A 21st Century Global Perspective, Paintings by Chongbin Zheng, Portraits by Christopher Felver from “The Face of Art,” and Positive Negatives, 1990. SAR also produced Chongbin Zheng’ s first American exhibition. Here are some images of photographers Jock McDonald and Ken Miller, clients of Harrison Sheppard Law & Public Relations.

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