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You have found the personal site of Harrison Sheppard — citizen, counselor, lawyer, writer, speaker, husband, father, and grandfather. Here you will be exposed to his unique perspectives on education, literature, the history of the western intellectual tradition, and the true spirit of the law.

Harrison Sheppard is a dynamic and inspiring speaker/author whose revolutionary, yet practical insights in peacemaking and conflict resolution have been helping people around the world reconcile disagreements and resolve problems.

Harrison has addressed audiences and led educational seminars for more than 30 years in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Mexico. He has made broadcast media appearances as a U.S. Government spokesman and in his personal capacity in both feature and news programs, including PBS’s McNeil-Lehrer Report, the PBS Educational Network’s Belief and Believers, and CBS’s The Osgood File. His writings have been published in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States, including the Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The San Francisco Chronicle, California Lawyer Magazine, and in scholarly journals including the Review of Politics (University of Notre Dame), the University of Chicago Law Journal, and Intepretation, A Journal of Politics and Philosophy (Queens College, New York). In addition to his writing and speaking, Harrison maintains a successful law practice in San Francisco.

The site contains three sections.

Law & Conflict Resolution is a section explaining and demonstrating Harrison’s approach to the practice of law. The section also outlines his areas of expertise and the kinds of legal services he offers. This section includes many of his published articles about lawyers and legal education and asserts his commitment to a peacemaking model of law rather than a warmaking one. His experience has shown that this approach is more effective, better for the client, and less costly to the economy than the current and common adversarial model of legal practice.

Voices of Life is a section containing some of his unpublished fictional work. Voices of Light is the first in a series of three books collectively titled Voices of Life. All three books are composed of fictional dialogues with great figures of world culture, some real historical persons and others mythic or literary figures. The second and third books planned in the series are titled Voices of Love and American Voices. The Tables of Contents of Voices of Love and American Voices are printed on their respective pages.

The third section is the Art Gallery containing the work of two Photographers Harrison represents.